08 Dec 2020

Sale of Property 140 Burrum River Road

Our property in Torbanlea was on the market to sell for a total of about 5 years; it was never going to be an easy sale. We had tried five sales agents and a number of property managers in an attempt to secure a satisfactory outcome, to no avail.

My wife and I visited Maryborough (from NSW) and interviewed the Sales Managers of four different Real Estate agencies. We felt Mandy Ryan of Twenty20 Realty was the right person for the job. How right we were. It took Mandy just over fourteen months to achieve the sale. She had found three buyers who signed contracts and then pulled out due to finance issues. The fourth buyer completed.

Not once did Mandy give up; not once did she complain that it was all too hard; she just kept showing prospective buyers the property in its best light.

I would recommend that if you have a property that would be easy to sell, talk to Mandy. If you have a property that might be a little bit different and not so easy to sell; I would recommend that you talk to nobody other than Mandy. 

John Fisher 8th December 2020

John Fisher